We gather to worship God— as the Creator and source of life and love in the world, as Christ the Redeemer of all, and as the Sustaining Spirit working in and through all things. We commit ourselves in God's name to a loving ministry with one another, with our community, with each person who enters our building, and in prayer, word, and deed with a hurting world.  


The mission of The United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. 


At this point in the life of our church, we seek to become a vital place where every person feels welcome, known, cared about, and useful. We seek to grow spiritually in vigor and the excitement of sharing in service to our God. We seek to keep God's Son, Jesus Christ, at the center of our lives. Through prayer and moved by the Holy Spirit, we seek newly to rededicate ourselves to discipleship, to service, and to mission in the community beyond our church in the name of Jesus Christ, our teacher, our healer, and our savior. 


We are a vibrant and diverse reconciling church; our members and friends come from varied church backgrounds, including no church background. We gather for worship, prayer, learning, play, and growing together in faith. Our heritage as United Methodists encourages us to use scripture as well as church tradition, human reason, and our own expereinces to understand and grow in what it means to be the people Christ is calling us to be.  


We worship together on Sundays and offer other times to gather for study and spiritual formation throughout the week, so that all might find a place to draw closer to God and to the people of the world. We believe in both person holiness (growing in faith and spiritual practice) and social holiness (loving God by helping and serving, and resisting oppression and injustice). All are invited to come and pray, sing, laugh, weep, dance, reflect, and journey together in word, song, sacrament, silence, and more.