Our mission is to create a place at the table* for everyone.
*A place at the communion table (welcoming all in worship), a place at the food table (assuring that people in our community have enough food and other basic necessities), and a place at tables of conversation and decision-making (bringing people together in conversation and shared power).


We are called to use our gift and passion of building diverse, intergenerational relationships to meet the longing and loneliness in our community.
Seeing physical and spiritual hunger in our community, we will engage in ministries that 1. Embody God’s inclusive love, 2. Build or heal relationships, 3. Transform people’s lives.


We are those who have received God’s love—a love that is inclusive, creative, and dynamic, breaking through divisions and healing wounds to draw people together—and we are compelled to nurture and to share this love with our community in passionate and compassionate action. Jesus calls to us: "As I have loved you, so you must love one another..." (John 13:34). 



We are a vibrant and diverse reconciling church; our members and friends come from varied church backgrounds, including no church background. We gather for worship, prayer, learning, play, and growing together in faith. Our heritage as United Methodists encourages us to use scripture as well as church tradition, human reason, and our own expereinces to understand and grow in what it means to be the people Christ is calling us to be.  


We worship together on Sundays and offer other times to gather for study and spiritual formation throughout the week, so that all might find a place to draw closer to God and to the people of the world. We believe in both person holiness (growing in faith and spiritual practice) and social holiness (loving God by helping and serving, and resisting oppression and injustice). All are invited to come and pray, sing, laugh, weep, dance, reflect, and journey together in word, song, sacrament, silence, and more.