Reconciling & Inclusion

All Means All

We are proud to be a United Methodist Church, but we are not proud of our denomination's current discrimination against LGBTQ+ persons. We do not comply with the denomination's most recent actions, and we continue to include people in the worship life and leadership of our church, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. This includes our policy on weddings (see below). 

Reconciling Statement

The Lebanon United Methodist Church is a justice-seeking congregation, recognizing the sacred worth and dignity of all persons. We celebrate our human family’s diversity. We welcome and embrace all who seek to be in relationship with God and invite them to participate fully in the life and ministry of this church regardless of age, race, gender, education, ethnic origin, marital or family status, cultural heritage, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic reality and diversity of ability. We are resolved to be a church with open hearts, open minds and open doors, and seek to be reconciled to God and to one another.

          - This statement was adopted in Septeber of 2007, following a year-long process of study, reflection, prayer, and dialogue. As people on a journey, we understand that this process continues to unfold, and we are continually stretched and challenged by new ways and places where people pushed to the margins are seeking justice and inclusivity. Trusting in God's grace to lead us in and through our imperfection, we remain committed to the work and the unfolding growth in love and justice with all persons. 


Reconciling Congregations refer to those United Methodist communities of faith that have gone through a period of discernment and adopted a statement that includes a welcome to people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. You can learn more through the Reconciling Ministries Network




Both as a Reconciling Congregation and as a part of the New England Annual Conference (which has voted that our Conference will not discriminate), the property and building of Lebanon United Methodist Church can be used for weddings for couples regardless of the sex or gender of the partners being married. The Pastor exercises his discretion in officiating weddings on an equal basis for all couples. 



As part of Lebanon UMC's commitment to be a safe and welcoming space for all persons, our facility is equipped with two single-user bathrooms (or family/assisted use-- the restroom on the left has a changing table). Restrooms are wheelchair accessible and are not designated for particular genders.